25 agosto, 2016



ITA’s Chair (International Telework Academy).
Graduated in Labor Relationships and Magister from the University of Buenos Aires in Labor Social Sciences. Professor of Administration II in the Course of Labor Relationships of the University of Buenos Aires (UBA), Invited Professor of the Tokyo University of Science and of Human Resources, ADEN Business School, University of High Management, Mendoza.

Counsel in the area of remunerations for several companies. Has lectured in several courses of the ITU (International Telecommunications Union). Director of Torres de Teletrabajo and Red Experta, Academic Director at CEDTEL –Center ofn education for teleworking. Founder of the Centro de Teletrabajo y Teleformación of the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Buenos Aires – UBA.
Coordinator of research work for the IDRC – International Development Research Center, in Canada. Currently involved in the research work on Telework, Public Policies and Legislative Models, with the participation of eight Latin American and Caribbean countries.
Researcher at CETEL- Group on studies and research on labor management and technology, Business School Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Advisory work for CEPAL (ECLAC) and research works for Unesco-Quito. Director of UNESCO telework courses for Latin America and the Caribbean during the period 2002-2005.
Organizer of the Ibero-american Telework Congresses I and II, Regional Meeting for employment of the visually disabled sponsored by Unesco, and the Academic International Event : Telework 2010– Argentina under the auspices of the ITA- International Telework Academy.
International lecturer at many events.


Karsten is senior project manager and researcher at empirica GmbH, Bonn. He has a degree in geography, economics and regional development from the University of Bonn, Germany, and spent part of his studies at the University College, London. Main fields of interest are the way Information Society Technologies relate to social development, patterns of employment, thelocational behaviour of firms, and urban/regional systems. Karsten has worked extensively on ICT-based development strategies for urban areas and regions. Another main field of activity has been conceptualising, preparing, overseeing and analysinglarge-scale multi-country surveys of the general population and business, focusing on Information Society phenomena such as multi-locational work, e-commerce, e-business and cooperation using ICT networks of large-scale multi-national surveys in a number of projects (including eUser, ECaTT, SIBIS, EC-KMU). Karsten was project co-ordinator of BISER (www.biser-eu.com), an EU research project on developing and piloting the statistical basis for Information Society policy formulation at regional level.
Between 2010 and 2012 he provided consultancy to the Supreme Council for Information & Communication Technology in Qatar in the context of initiatives to pilot-implement telework across major companies based in Qatar. Karsten has authored or co-authored numerous articles and handbooks, and acts as peer reviewer for a number of programmes and conferences, including the HICSS. He is member of the board of the International Telework Academy (ITA).


Academic Management Institute of the Faculty of Economics of the Universidad Austral de Chile.
Civil Engineer, Master in Technology Information Society of the School of Industrial Organization of Madrid, Master in Information Society and Knowledge of the Open University of Catalunya and Diploma of Advanced Studies in Organization and Management in the same College.
He has participated since 1999 in various seminars on telework and has conducted several investigations, studies and articles relating mainstream Telework with Human Resources Management and the employment of people with disabilities.
He is coauthor of Telecapacitados Book and is responsible for the Portal and Exchange Telework Chile www.teletrabajo.cl


Works for 15 years in the public sector, first as Manager of International Cooperation CONADIS, and since September 2003 in the “Special Commission on Disability of Congress” and is also advisor to the Congress of the Republic of Peru .
In 2006 he was appointed Representative of Peru to the “Monitoring Committee of the Inter-American Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Persons with Disabilities” of the OAS. In the 3rd meeting of the Committee held in El Salvador in April 2010, he was elected as First Vice Chair of the Committee.
has participated in various consulting and specialized publications on disability such as the Peruvian part of the “Telecapacitados: Teleworking for labor inclusion of people with disabilities” research, “normative Technical Manual on Rights of Persons with Disabilities”, “Manual Planning inclusive “,” Baseline Survey on labor demand for workers with disabilities by the Peruvian business community, “Diagnosis on the employment status of Persons with disabilities in Peru.
In 1999 he founded the Muscular Dystrophy Association of Peru and elected vice president of the National Confederation of Disabled People of Peru. Since 1999 collects national and international disability standards, “Leydiscaperu” which Educared Telefonica Foundation is hosting on its website since 2008.


Director Teletrabajo y Video comunicaciones de la empresa de Telecomunicaciones y Electricidad ICE- y Coordinador General de Teletrabajo en el Gobierno

  • Master en Administración y Posgrado en Gestión Empresas Estratégicas.
  • Director Recursos Humanos de la Empresa de Telecomunicaciones y Electricidad. ICE. CR.
  • Asesor del BID y UIT
  • Actualmente Director de Teletrabajo y Video-Comunicaciones Grupo ICE.
  • Coordinador Nacional de la Comisión de Teletrabajo de Costa Rica.



Coordinador BSP Business School São Paulo e director de Sobratt Sociedade Brasileira de Teletrabalho e TeleatividadesVic
Presidente de International Telework Academy Capítlo latinoamerica.
Doutorando pela FEA/USP, Mestrado pela EAESP-FGV e Graduado em Administração de Empresas pela UECE. Consultor, autor e co-autor de livros pioneiros sobre teletrabalho e empreendedorismo. É professor universitário na BSP Business School São Paulo onde coordena o GESTEC Grupo de Estudos e Pesquisas de Gestão , Trabalho e Tecnologia. É considerado professor e pesquisador pioneiro no Brasil e na América Latina na área de Teletrabalho .
Foi Diretor de empresas nacionais e na Argentina e participou de eventos internacionais no Brasil e no exterior, apresentando trabalhos científicos nas áreas de sua especialidade , teletrabalho e empreendedorismo .
No CRA-SP, é ex- conselheiro, e vice -coordenador do CTMC Grupo de Excelencia em Conectividade Tecnológica e Mobilidade Corporativa.
Foi fundador, ex-presidente e atual diretor relações internacionais da Sobratt Sociedade Brasileira de Teletrabalho e Teleatividade .É membro Conselho Científico do ITA International Telework Academy.É diretor da Beca e- Work, empresa pioneira no Brasil na área de treinamento de teletrabalho. Possui artigos em periódicos e revistas especializadas brasileiras tais como Exame, Revista de Administração, O Estado de S. Paulo, Tendências do Trabalho, dentre outros.


Lawyer, Specialist Computer Law and New Technologies, Master in Economic Law, having worked in the areas of: protection of personal data, digital content, e-commerce and teleworking, with extensive experience in the private sector in trade and business matters, in technology project management and change management. In the public sector, experience in the formulation of public policies for social inclusion and technology. She is founder and Academic Director of the Colombian Association of Computer Law and New Technologies, member of the Latin American Observatory on Data Protection and partner at BGC Consultants.
He has participated in the generation processes, piloting and dissemination of telework in the públcio and private sector in Colombia, advises guide and specialist in the field, play an important role within the technical teams formed for this purpose, highlighting its participation in the development Telework Decree, besides the Pact Teleworking, the National Network for the Promotion of Telework, Telework Legal Guide among others.




Degree in psychology.
Master in Organizational Psychology President International Centre for Telework Development.
Vice President of the International Telework Academy for Latin America and Caribbean
Adviser to the Ministry of Labor of Costa Rica. Team member Society of the Generalite of Catalonia. Proponent Telework Law Project for Costa Rica. Specialist in implementing telework programs. Researcher on issues related to the Knowledge Society



Grande experiência Gerencial, tendo ocupado, ao longo de 40 anos, cargos gerenciais e de direção em Recursos Humanos na Ford, Microlite, Searle Farmacêutica, Gazeta Mercantil, Cofap, outras empresas. Foi presidente da Associação Paulista de Administração de Recursos Humanos – APARH. Diretor de empresa de Consultoria, tem desenvolvido projetos no Brasil e no exterior, em empresas como, Robert Bosch, Hotel Renaissance, Caesar Park, Intercontinental Group, Cardinal Health, Carrefour, Grupo Rodobens, Gessy Lever, Mitsui Fertilizantes, entre muitas outras. Nos últimos 10 anos tem apresentado Seminários de Desenvolvimento, para empresas privadas e públicas, envolvendo mais de 2.000 participantes, sempre com resultados positivos, na avaliação dos participante.



Specialist in International Management from the Universidad Javeriana, professional in International Relations at the Universidad del Rosario, with experience in the field of information technology and communications in the formulation and management of ICT projects with social impact, management of public partnerships private, implementation of ICT projects and project sustainability and regionalization. Leader, entrepreneurial and proactive, focused on objectives and results, with high professional commitment and excellent interpersonal relationships to form and lead teams.
MINISTRY OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY AND COMMUNICATIONS Coordinator of Poverty and Social Innovation Digital Bogotá, December 2015 – Current and Deputy Minister Office General Counsel Activities: Teleworking Initiative Leader Vive Digital Plan Bogotá, August 2012 – December 2015. Address advisor Appropriation TC Activities: Advisory for public – private partnerships Bogota, April 2011 – July 2012 / COLOMBIAN ASSOCIATION FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF SCIENCE as National ICT Advisory Plan. Activities: International cooperation projects Bogotá, August 2009 – December 2010. MINISTRY OF COMMUNICATIONS – Internship Office International Activities: International Cooperation February 2009 – July 2009

Argentina Roberto Ballón Bahamondes

Lawyer, MBA in Management and Master in Human Resources and Knowledge Management certificates in Peru, Chile and Spain. He has performed work in different institutions of the public and private sector as an advisor to Management and General Management and Legal Counsel and General Coordinator of Industrial Relations and Human Resource Manager. Founder of the first company specializing in telecommuting consultant in Peru: TWSolutions.
It is also academic, teaching and research, is the author of numerous publications among which include the Book: “Telework FOR PERU: legal implementation”, which has entered the bill Telework and its regulations adapted to the Peruvian social and labor market.
He participated in representation of Peru in World Congresses on Telework, such as the ITA WORKSHOP Telework Colombia 2014, the ITA Telework Costa Rica 2012, presenting the model of value creation for human resources involved in telework experiences, as well as a grant from the IDRC World Congress Telework: Telework 2010 in Buenos Aires, Argentina presenting the Implementation Model Telework Enterprise Peruvian private sector (RDB Model ©), and a grant from the IDRC as Peruvian speaker at the Second Iberoamerican Congress on Telework in the 2007 (Bs. Aires, Argentina), introducing the legislative progress in Peru to date and the Book of authorship.
In its international shares the results of its award-winning research on telework among which were “Implementation of Telework in the private social and labor market Tacna-Peru and the need for promoting normative regulation”; “Proposal for a Model of Telework for implementation in companies of the Peruvian private sector”, “measurement model generating value in human resource for experiences of teleworking in companies in the Peruvian private sector”; “Towards an ethical and social telecommuting “.


Technical Secretary of FEDUN – Federation of University Teachers – National University of Tucuman, Argentina Technical Builder. Teaching. Diploma, Developing Creative Thought 2001 – 2002 National University of Tucuman – Technical Builder. Moderator International Telework Promotion Forum August 2010 – Tucuman, Argentina.
Moderator in the area and the role of universities, Legislation. Tutoring Coordinator and Teacher.
Skills for Life program at the National University of Tucuman. March 2009 -Tucumán, Argentina.
Tutoring coordinator responsible Organizations Non Profit, Professor of Interpersonal Relations, Transactional Analysis, Labor, Work, cooperatives, etc.
Chief General Teaching Practice. Technical Institute of the National University of Tucuman. September 2008 to present. San Miguel de Tucuman, Argentina. Systematizes Guides Teaching Practice, Post Narratives About teaching practice, Generate The Use Of Ecaths in all workshops, projects Inet, personnel training, job design Practical Application Industrial, Enter Monographs on Industrial Patent Telework.


Since January 2006 I am Head of Knowledge Society in the Directorate General of Telecommunications and Information Society, currently attached to the Department of Enterprise and Employment. Degree in Anthropology and a diploma in Social Sciences from the University of Barcelona.
Company founder Ideamatic Digital Experiences partner. I was also a founding partner of companies Meddia i CiE (Centre d’Iniciatives Esportives). Vice President of the CESICAT Foundation (Center for Information Security of Catalonia).
Secretary of the Observatory Foundation for the Information Society of Catalonia (FOBSIC) until its demise in 2012. Secretary of the Ministry of Industry Joint Commission – Government of Catalonia for monitoring the Plan Avanza Agreement. Secretary of the Governing Council of the ICT Competency Accreditation (ACTIC). Secretary General of the board of the Spanish Association Telecentros.
Member of the Coordination Committee of the Collective Catalogue of the Library System of Catalonia. Member of the Technical Cartographic Coordination Commission of Catalonia INSPIRE. Member of Technical Committee of the Plan for Inclusion and Social Cohesion in Catalonia 2010-2013. Member of the Advisory Board of Digital Skills of the Open University of Catalunya. Member of the Strategic Social Responsibility Plan 2009-2012 of the Generalitat of Catalonia. Member of Techno-Anthropology group at the University of Barcelona.
Founder of the Observatory for the CyberSociety. Member of the Monitoring Committee of the project “Telework in the public administration of Catalonia”. Lead Partner of the European project Interreg IIIB program MEDOCC IDE UNIVERS. Senior UNDP, United Nations Development Programme. Professor and director of the Master Revitalisation of the Information Society at the Open University of Catalonia (UOC), completed in 2014.


Dr. Andrew Gaudes is Dean of the Paul J. Hill School of Business and the Kenneth Levene Graduate School of Business at the University of Regina. He earned his Ph.D. in Management from the I. H. Asper School of Business, University of Manitoba, with a major in organization theory and minor i management information systems. He also possesses undergraduate and graduate degrees from the Faculty of Architecture, University of Manitoba. His research is in specialization strategies of organizations, virtual methods of collaboration, and innovation in entrepreneurial enterprise. Dr. Gaudes has taught management of innovation and entrepreneurship at the graduate and undergraduate level in Canada (UNB and U of M) and around the world, including Cairo, Egypt; Kyiv, Ukraine; Port of Spain, Trinidad; and Dunkerque, France. He has also developed and delivered online courses for Michigan State University’s Virtual University and remains active in consulting with organizations, particularly in strategic planning of human and physical resources.




Gerente General de Abba Corporation e Inversiones, Abba Eventos S.A.C.

  • Administrador de Negocios Internacionales.
  • Filósofo Metafisico.
  • Asesor de CONADIS.
  • Ponente en Foro Económico Mundial del Banco Mundial, sobre políticas de discapacidad y sobre enfermedades raras.
  • Ponente en Foro Internacional sobre uso de TICS, teletrabajo y ciudades smarts.


Universidad Autónoma Latinoamericana.

  • Candidata a Doctora en Derecho Procesal Contemporáneo.
  • Magister en Derecho Procesal Contemporáneo.
  • Especialista en docencia e investigación universitaria.
  • Especializada en Derecho Informático y Nuevas Tecnologías.
  • Abogada asesora en Tecnología Informática, área tradicional y comunicaciones 12 años.
  • Docente universitaria 11 años.



3Legal and Corporate Affairs Lead at Microsoft Perú.
Peruvian lawyer with a Master Degree of Laws (LL.M.) pursued in Northwestern University School of Law. Broad professional experience in Commercial Law, Corporate Law, Contractual Law, E-Commerce, Antitrust Law, Regulation of Markets (Electricity, Transportation, Natural Gas and Telecommunications), Dumping and Subsidies Law, Intellectual Property, Unfair Competition, Publicity Law and Consumer Protection Law. Training in negotiations under the Harvard model.

Selected by the prestigious publication Chambers & Partners, “Latin America’s Leading Lawyers for Business. The Client’s Guide”, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 editions.



Strategic Sales: Lead Evangelist for Cisco Collaboration Technologies
Formal studies: Ingeniería Electrónica Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru & Channel MBA
Experiencia en telework affairs: Diseño y consultoría en proyectos de Teleworking y Pruebas de concepto
Experiencia laboral como Collaboration Architecture Strategic Sales Specialist en Cisco Systems desde julio de 2012 a la actualidad (4 años 5 meses) en Develop Business Collaboration Strategies and promote channels and ecosystems partners.

Además de Systems Engineer en Cisco Systems por 7 años.


Directora del Centro de Educación Continua de la Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú (CEC-PUCP).  Abogada, Magister en Política y Gestión Universitaria 2014, con estudios de Maestría en Derecho Constitucional 1992 y  Maestría en Ciencia Política, 1999; ambas en la Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú; estudios de postgrado de Análisis Estratégico para la Defensa Nacional,  de Actualización Profesional de Gestión de Centros de Educación Continua de la UNAM, de Evaluación Educativa de OEI, y en Seguridad y Defensa Nacional (CAEN). Becaria de la República de China 1993 y Becaria del Programa de Visitantes Internacionales del Gobierno Norte Americano 1998.

Asesora Política de la Presidencia del Consejo de Ministros (1990 – 1993),  Sub-Secretaria General de la Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú (1994 – 1995) y  desde 1995 a la fecha Directora del Centro de Educación Continua de la PUCP.

Profesora Asociada del Departamento de Derecho y docente de la Facultad de Derecho de la PUCP desde 1990 a la fecha, en las materias de derecho constitucional e investigación jurídica. Ha realizado distintas publicaciones como Propuesta de Pacificación para el Perú (1992), coautora de la Constitución Política del Perú 1993: Sumillas e Índice Analítico (1994), coautora del Código Civil de 1984: Índice Analítico (1997), Sistema Integral de Educación Continua 2014.  Miembro del Colegio de Abogados de Lima 1989, Conciliadora Extrajudicial del Ministerio de Justicia 1999, Miembro de la Asociación de Visitantes Internacionales del Perú 2004. Ha participado como Expositora o Conferencista Internacional en Argentina, Brasil, Colombia, Ecuador, España, Guatemala, México, Panamá, USA.

Vocal de la Junta Directiva de Red de Educación Continua de Latinoamérica y Europa (RECLA) desde noviembre del 2004 al 2010 y 2016 – 2019. Presidenta de la Red de Educación Continua de Latinoamérica y Europa (RECLA) desde noviembre 2010 al 2013.  Presidenta del Comité Consultivo de la Red de Educación Continua de Latinoamérica y Europa desde 2013 al 2016. Premio Galardón Especial RECLA – Vida y Obra 2014.


Abogada por la Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos y Licenciada en Educación por la Universidad San Martín de Porres, con estudios concluidos de Maestría en Derecho con Mención Derecho Laboral y Seguridad Social en la Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos y de la Maestría en Gerencia Social en la Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú.
Conciliadora extrajudicial registrada ante el Ministerio de Justicia, para tal efecto cursó estudios en el Centro de Educación Continua y Centro de Capacitación y Formación de Conciliadores de la Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú y Diplomado Especializado en Gestión de Organizaciones Públicas en la Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas.

Especialista en gestión de las organizaciones públicas, derecho administrativo, derechos fundamentales laborales y derecho del trabajo, con más de veinte años de experiencia en el Sector Público que incluye cargos directivos en el Ministerio de Trabajo y Promoción del Empleo, entre ellos, Directora General de Derechos Fundamentales y Seguridad y Salud en el Trabajo, asesora de la Dirección Nacional de Promoción del Empleo y Formación Profesional, Directora de Formación Profesional, Coordinadora de Asuntos Internacionales de la Oficina General de Cooperación y Asuntos Internacionales, Directora de Promoción y Protección de los Derechos Fundamentales Laborales, entre otros.

Asimismo, se ha desempeñado como Directora de Derechos Humanos del Ilustre Colegio de Abogados de Lima (Período 2014- 2015), ha sido miembro de la Comisión Consultiva de Derechos Humanos, Derecho laboral, género y de la Comisión de Estudio de Defensa de los Derechos del Niño, Adolescente y Familia del Colegio de Abogados de Lima.
Expositora, panelista y organizadora en diversos eventos académicos.
Actualmente, se desempeña como Directora General de Promoción del Empleo.