14 mayo, 2016


The International Telework Academy (ITA)

itaOr International Telework Academy, for its meaning in Spanish, has its origin in the International Telework Foundation (FIT), an independent non-profit association that began in 1995.

Its objectives are:

  1. To promote research in the field of telework and other new forms of work
  2. To strengthen the ties between the international scientific community telecommuting
  3. To facilitate exchange between researchers, academics, professionals, entrepreneurs, trade unions, civil society representatives and officials
  4. To sponsor an annual workshop of International Telework Research.

Through a network of experts, academic bodies and international organizations, is avoca to develop research and make proposals which aim to provide input to address different aspects arising from the practice of telework in fields such as education, the environment, public policies and participation of vulnerable groups in the labor market.

From this perspective, an important part of their actions is to create and share knowledge to implement telework in all social groups.



ITA-LAC, is the chapter for Latin America and Caribbean of the International Telework Academy and establishes itself as an academic non-profit organization created to promote knowledge and research of Telework in Latin America and the Caribbean. In ITA-LAC are involved various universities, academic, research and associated entities wishing to consolidate best practices of telework in society, establishing dialogue and exchanges with stakeholders, government and international bodies to ensure the improvement of work and the quality of life of citizens.

Its vision is to be the main academic reference for Latin America and the Caribbean, providing support to governments, international organizations and society in order to promote more and better forms of employment and a better quality of life in developing work based the use of technologies.

Its mission is to stimulate the development of research and training on Telework in Latin America and the Caribbean to strengthen the exchange of knowledge with regional governments, universities, research centers, NGOs and researchers, in order to investigate develop and innovate on educational changes that should happen to have workers accompanying the development of new forms of work in the countries of our region.

Its strategic objectives are:

  1. Promote research in the field of telework and other new forms of work
  2. Strengthening ties between the international research community teleworking.
  3. Facilitate the exchange between academic researchers, business professionals and public policy.
  4. Make an annual international research workshop on issues related to telework.
  5. Develop an annual schedule of activities arising from the workshops conducted by ITA-LAC.

Continuing Education Center – Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú (CEC/PUCP)


It is an academic division that provides a large range of training routes, with non –degree programs specialized in many fields; creating a permanent supply of educational services accessible to all actors in society, giving emphasis on continuing learning.

Through its activities, the CEC-PUCP, offers programs for training which will help students acquiring effective skills useful in the competitive labor market. They meet the requirements that are made to the University from civil society, for public and private sectors, to incorporate with them trained professional to improve productivity. The Continuing Education Center – (CEC/PUCP) designs academic activities, on line and on Campus Programs, long and short term courses in many topics with highest levels of efficiency and quality, following University´s commitment to the country through its educational contribution and its permanent presence in national life, as well as providing solid values and foundations for an effective relationship between University and society.