14 mayo, 2016

Methodology Event

1. Academic Workshop:

The academic event is aimed at research community, academics, specialists, professionals and politicians who are linked to teleworking.

Participants presents scientific papers on the topics planned and participate in interactive workshop sessions. The papers should be relate to the themes and objectives set up for the event, as well as comply with established features. The papers will be evaluated by an international committee and the best ones will be presented at the Symposium.


There will be academic presentations of the themes proposed during the three (03) days of the event unfold.

The dynamics of interventions and questions are developed with panelists.

The top three best works will receive a public recognition.

Representatives of each panel will issued two conclusions and recommendations of the topics, that will be an input for the Declaration of Lima.

Date: Wednesday 23th &Thursday 24th November, 2016.

2. Symposium:

The Open Symposium is aimed at the wider community, including employers, national or regional governmental institutions and social agents. The goal of it is the presentation of the latest developments and future trends in an accessible way, thus contributing to the overall awareness of a kind of work that evolves day by day with its institutional practices.

The symposium will last two days, and consists of lectures and workshops taught by local and international speakers. It will work in alternating sessions of lectures and workshops for the generation of proposals.


Means of dialogue and discussion of representatives under the previously established.

As the number of participants a moderator is designated.

The sum of the contributions will be used as an input for the “Lima Declaration”.

Date: Friday 24th November 2016 (the day after the workshop.