14 mayo, 2016


Demonstrate the potential of telework as an opportunity to generate profits continuous and sustainable change by applying technological innovation to our service.

The 2016 Telework will generate opportunities for exchanges on topics such as:

  • Contributions of teleworking to sustainable and responsible development.
  • Impact of telework on technological industrial relations and global markets.
  • Opportunities and socio-labor inclusion of vulnerable populations.
  • Good business practices in use of ICTs to improve work processes and results.
  • Role of the State in the promotion and dissemination of telework development strategies.




The World Congress of telecommuting is divided into:


Academic Workshop: The academic event is aimed at research community, academics, specialists, professionals and politicians who are linked to teleworking.

Participants present scientific papers on the topics planned and participate in interactive workshop sessions. The papers should relate to the themes and objectives set out for the event, as well as comply with established features. The papers will be evaluated by an international committee and the winners will be presented at the symposium open.

Open Symposium: The Open Symposium is aimed at the wider community, including employers, national or regional governmental institutions and social agents. The goal of it is the presentation of the latest developments and future trends in an accessible way, thus contributing to the overall awareness of trends that evolves permanently with its  practices.

The symposium will last two days, and consists of lectures and workshops taught by local and international speakers. It will work in alternating sessions of lectures and workshops for the generation of proposals.

At the conclusion of both events it will be signed “Lima’s Declaration”,an statement that will provide the most important guidelines and guidance recomendations obtained from the conclusions of the event and how it has contributed to the development of telework for the host country, the region of Latin America and th all world and will be presented the last day of “Telework” congress.